Our Elephants All Have a Story to Tell.

Mae Boontong

Our old lady Mae Boontong was born around 1958. Her character is very well balanced and she is very popular amongst our elephants.

Originally from Burma where she worked in a logging camp she is now taking early retirement. She will assist our calves in their development and only show us her excellent skills in piling logs every now and then.


Yaya (born 2003) came to Elephant Special Tours in August 2014. She is most probably pregnant for the first time. We will make every effort to successfully support this hopefully affirmative pregnancy. Therefore she will not work full time anymore for Elephant Special Tours but benefit from a kind of early part-time maternity leave. The Tong Bai foundation will now take care of her livelihood and we are looking forward to every new sponsorship for Yaya. By the way, her official name is Mae Kamphan.

Mae Boonsin

Mae Boonsin was born on February 22, 1999 and up to now spent most of her time alone in the forest. She found a lot of new friends in our camp and enjoys being together in a herd with other elephants. In our camp there are no limitations upon her development, allowing her to build up her weak physic. Mae Boonsin is owned by the foundation. She will work with tourists in the camp of Elephant Special Tours contributing toward her own expenses. After a successful introduction to a bull and a pregnancy period of 18-22 months she will hopefully give birth to a healthy calf.

Mae Gaeo II

The first adult elephant cow we welcomed in our foundation is called Mae Geo II and was born about 1958. For many years she was living under very difficult circumstances and worked in the logging industry for a long time. Along the way she had no contact to other elephants and never experienced running water. In very bad condition she arrived in March 2006 at the camp of Elephant Special Tours and she evolved into a very gentle and patient character. Being of old age Mae Geo II does not have to work on a daily basis anymore and is now the leading cow in our camp to assist the calves in their development.

Mae Mowa

Mae Mowa was born on and has spent most of her life deep inside the forests near the Burmese border. Thanks to very generous donations from Abigail Attisso and Claude Hambeck we could purchase her for our foundation. She has a very pleasant and calm nature and with her we can add a middle-aged elephant cow to our herd. For her as well as for the other elephants a fodder spornsorship is available that guarantees a healthy and natural nutrition.